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Ugears Triceratops

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  • UNLEASH THE TRI-HORNED TITAN: Dive into the late Cretaceous period with the Ugears Triceratops, a dinosaur wooden model kit that brings the thrill of prehistoric life right into your hands. This stunning wooden model embodies the essence of this mighty herbivore, setting it into a lifelike walk with a simple wind of the included key, its tail swaying perfectly in sync, making it one of the unique dinosaur models for adults.
  • HERBIVORE ON THE MOVE: Delve into the world of dinosaur model kits with this advanced 3d puzzle, which boasts an ingenious system of gears and springs. Witness the iconic Triceratops stride on all fours, with its tail swaying in perfect harmony with its steps, mirroring the majestic gait of its real-world counterpart, bringing the feel of wooden moving dinosaur models right into your home
  • ECHOES OF A FORGOTTEN ERA: The enthralling world of palaeontology is at your fingertips as you construct this meticulously designed Triceratops model, capturing the awe-inspiring presence of this mighty herbivore. This is a model for models to build adults, as the towering skull, formidable horns, and distinct bony frill are recreated in intricate detail in this dinosaur model kit.
  • DISCOVER THE JOY OF CREATION: Bring the ancient beast back to life in a journey of assembly that offers approximately 8+ hours of engagement. This model kit for adults includes 400 pre-cut pieces and comprehensive instructions in 11 languages, offering a gratifying model building experience that combines love for intricate design and mechanics.
  • CAPTIVATING GIFT: The Ugears Triceratops stands as an exceptional gift for dinosaur enthusiasts, 3d puzzle devotees, and fans of design, mechanics, and ancient history. This wooden model kit can be customized to create a unique masterpiece, perfect for a dinosaur wooden models collection, becoming the first piece in your personal Cretaceous Park collection!
  • Model size: 13.4*5.6*4.3 in (34*14*11 cm)
  • Package size: 14.7*6.7*2 in (37.3*17*5 cm)
  • Number of components: 400
  • Estimated time of assembly: 8 hours
  • Level: Medium


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