Ugears Tractor’S Trailer

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Model Size ( Length x Width x Height )  209 x 101x 96mm
Package Size ( Length x Width x Height ) 37 x 14 x 3cm
Package Weight 362g
Number of Parts 68

Every self-respecting tractor needs a trailer, and this one comes with everything a farmer needs: a pitchfork, a shovel and even a bucket and broom. The trailer’s side gate opens at the push of a lever for quick loading and unloading.  A crank at the front tilts the bed for easy dumping. Hook together your Trailer and Tractor and head for the fields.

    • Special lever can overturn a trailer’s board.
    • It has everything you need for a work: fork and shovel; hanging on a hook bucket with screws; a real broom that you can find underneath.
    • Each trailer includes a hook unit, which allows to attach a trailer to the tractor.



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