Ugears Tractor

Ugears Tractor

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Model Size ( Length x Width x Height )  201 x 87x137mm
Package Size ( Length x Width x Height ) 37 x 17 x 3cm
Package Weight 650g
Number of Parts 97

    The UGEARS tractor is a rattling greeting from centuries past. No electronics - just plywood, a rubber band motor, and tons of fun! You can shift your tractor’s real transmission from ‘park’ to ‘low’ to plow for your spring planting or step it up to ‘sport’ gear and watch it race to the end of the field.

    • Three control modes.
    • It can pass around 80 cm at a leisurely pace.
    • In this case the “engine” works rhythmically and the pistons move.
    • In the “park” mode the tractor can be started by spinning the big wheel.
    • If the “sport” is selected, the tractor will speed forward.
    • In the “drive” mode the tractor will move at a leisurely pace with a speed of approximately 5 cm per second.



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