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Ugears NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

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  • EMBARK ON A STELLAR ADVENTURE: Touch the stars with Ugears NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, a meticulously crafted wooden model kit designed to whisk you off to the vast expanse of space. This intricate replica captures the essence of the legendary NASA Space Shuttle, offering a superior experience in 3d puzzle exploration. Boasting dynamic features like operable cargo bays and a stunningly detailed Hubble Space Telescope, it stands as the pinnacle among space shuttle model kits for adults.
  • ORBITER, TELESCOPE, AND BEYOND: Step into the shoes of a space engineer with this intricate 3D wooden puzzle space shuttle. Enriched with a three-in-one design – the orbiter, a stand, and the satellite, you're set for a grand assembly. Witness the precision of the 1:96 scale model of the Discovery, where cargo bays come alive, offering an unmatched experience for wooden model kits for adults aficionados.
  • CELEBRATING AERONAUTIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Dive into the fascinating history of space exploration. Assembling this striking model space shuttle kit lets you relive the monumental journey of the Space Shuttle Discovery. Beyond a simple replica, it exemplifies the pinnacle of what adult model building kits can achieve.
  • MASTER THE MECHANICS OF THE COSMOS: Indulge in an assembly journey of this wood model kit for adults. With 315 precision-cut components and a comprehensive guide in 11 languages, this 3d puzzle promises a rewarding building experience, intertwining intricate design with the mysteries of the universe.
  • A GIFT THAT TRANSCENDS BOUNDARIES: The Ugears NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is more than just a model; it's an unforgettable gift. Perfect for 3D puzzle enthusiasts, space buffs, and fans of wooden models to build for adults, it can be personalized to craft a unique masterpiece, making it an ideal choice among small gifts for men passionate about space.
  • Model size: 13.2*8.9*11.4 in (33.5*22.5*29 cm)
  • Package size: 14.7*6.7*2 in (37.3*17*5 cm)
  • Number of components: 315
  • Estimated time of assembly: 6 hours
  • Level: Medium


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