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UGEARS Manned Mars Rover

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  • MARS EXPLORATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Dive into the wonder of interplanetary exploration with the Manned Mars Rover, a stunning wooden model kit expertly designed for adults. This scale model of future manned Mars rovers enables you to tackle the Martian landscape, drawing you into mankind's groundbreaking journey towards the stars. Propelled by its spring motor, the rover can cover remarkable distances, introducing a true-to-life space expedition into your living room.
  • 6x6 ALL-WHEEL DRIVE: Delve into the thrill of constructing the Ugears Manned Mars Rover, a DIY wooden models to build for adults featuring 6x6 all-terrain drive for superior maneuverability. The robust independent suspension and large diameter wheels ensure unmatched stability, letting you navigate any challenge the Martian terrain might present.
  • TRUE-TO-LIFE DETAILS AND FUNCTIONALITY: The Manned Mars Rover model kit comes equipped with an astronaut cabin, a rotating dish antenna, a storage bay for equipment or Martian rock samples, and a spring-driven motor. With front wheels designed for optimal climbing and maneuverability, this 3d model lets you encounter the trials and triumphs of Martian exploration firsthand.
  • THE APEX OF DIY ASSEMBLY: Construct this remarkable DIY Mars Rover model car kit in just 8 hours. With 562 pre-cut pieces, the assembly process is streamlined for hobbyists and adults who share a keen interest in spacecraft engineering. Experience the thrill of creating a piece of space exploration history in your own home.
  • A ONE-OF-A-KIND GIFT: Ideal for astronomy enthusiasts and fans of 3d wooden puzzles for adults, customize this wooden model kit by placing a NASA insignia sticker on the Rover's side panel, adding an extra touch of authenticity to this outstanding model vehicle.
  • Model size: 11.8*5.7*7.3 in (30*14.5*18.5 cm)
  • Package size: 14.7*6.7*2 in (37.3*17*5 cm)
  • Number of components: 562
  • Estimated time of assembly: 8 hours
  • Level: Advanced


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