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Ugears Dynamometer

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Model Size ( Length x Width x Height ) 147 X 72 X 170mm
Package Size ( Length x Width x Height ) 37 x 14 x 3cm
Package Weight 350g
Number of Parts 48

If you have trouble deciding what to do with your day then the Dynamometer is just the machine for you. Similar to our Pneumatic Engine, this model operates by turning air pressure into motion. The difference is that this model will give direction to your otherwise aimless day. Blow on the top gear to set the mechanism in motion. The air pressure you apply spins the arrow until it lands on your task for the day. Now get to it!

The Dynamometer is one of the simplest UGEARS models but at the same time it demonstrates several basic principles of mechanics, including the cascade of gears and the mechanical junction known as the Geneva drive.
  •  Blowing on the top gear, you will see how the whole system starts operating.
  • The indicator jumping from one icon to another one will show you what you are about to do in accordance with your power.
  • It is one of the simplest models for assembly. At the same time it provides you an opportunity to understand the principles of mechanics, gearwheel unit and the connection known as “Geneva drive”.
  • No glue or any hand tools needed for model assembly - the parts are ready-made and can be simply removed from the board and assembled together.



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