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Model size: 13,8*11,4*4,7 in (110*90*93 mm)

Package size: 14,6*6,7*1,6 in (185*275*5 mm)

Number of components: 51

Estimated time for assembly: 1 hour

The Wheel-Organizer model: craft kinetic storage for up to 6 pens and pencils with a beautiful Steampunk planetary mechanism inside. Having twisted the wheel, as the genuine captain, you can choose the direction and… a right assistant – pen or pencil – for a project you are working on. The model kit is comprised of 51 parts. You will work with a natural material that is nice to the touch and gives you a very pleasant feel. It’s easy to build and nice to give as a present or compliment to your friends and colleagues. Like all Ugears models, you can assemble the Wheel-Organizer without glue and special tools, enjoying a pleasant faint scent of wood during the process. The precut parts are made from high-quality and sustainable wooden material and fit together like a puzzle. Just put it together with your own hands and get your pens and pencils organized on your desk.